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Connect to LinkedIn and Facebook to view and comment on others’ designsEasily share your designs, receive feedback and comments from the community, and more. Import designs from LinkedIn or Facebook and share designs across CAD platforms.Extend the Workflow:Easily export CAD drawings and PDFs into a complete, visual workflow so you can plan, prototype, and manufacture in one environment. The application you use to create your CAD designs has increased in importance in recent years, and with AutoCAD 2023, you have new tools that allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. In addition to the changes in AutoCAD, a new User Interface (UI) also allows you to use the feature-rich AutoCAD LT User Interface in AutoCAD LT.Create forms for electronic data interchange (EDI) and collaborate easilyCreate interactive forms for electronic data interchange (EDI) and collaborate with other designers on a single form simultaneously, without a need to open the form in a separate application. Automatically import and save the form, as well as export it to formats that can be used by an email application or cloud-based service.The Workbench has been re-engineered to help designers create 3D views of objects, combining AutoCAD with other applications. The interface is arranged in three panes, which provide a high level of detail about what you are working on. Select an object, and it is automatically organized and grouped into layers. You can then easily select an element in the layers and add it to the main drawing.Speed and productivity increase with the new snap and floating command buttons, as well as increased keyboard navigation options. Improvements in the way AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT handle edge and corner creases also increase the efficiency of CAD operations.Comprehensive 3D modeling support:AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD are fully integrated with the new 3D modeling tools, including 3D UCS, 3D UCS with external entities, PartDesign and 3D UCS with external entities.UCS and UCS with external entities, 3D UCS with external entities, and PartDesign are no longer standalone applications but are available as part of the Workbench. You can now model in 3D without leaving the drawing workspace. Use a UCS to control 3D space, add entities with precision and ease, and edit the model based on the UCS, all from within the Work 2be273e24d

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