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With a light laugh, the doll made a strange turn in the air, flying up like a fish. Her voice sounded in the heart of the sea dragon, "You and your elder sister Linger go to see the Bodhi Patriarch. I don't want to see these old immortals. Just play with the little monkey for a while." After listening to her words, the sea dragon could not help showing a knowing smile on his face. Although the doll is a little naughty, it is very sensible. She did not go with herself, apparently unwilling to come into contact with the internal affairs of Fangcun Mountain as an outsider. Lan Linger looked at the sea dragon anxiously and said, "Let's go in quickly." With these words, he pulled the sea dragon into the Bodhi Patriarch's Sanxing Cave. "Grandpa, Grandpa, look who I brought." Before seeing the face of the Bodhi Patriarch, Lan Linger couldn't help shouting excitedly. Bodhi Patriarch's voice was a little more vicissitudes of life. "You girl, why are you still so crazy? Haven't you learned a lesson from what happened last time?" Lan Linger turned to look at the sea dragon, listening to Grandpa mention the last thing, her eyes can not help but red up again. The sea dragon patted her twice on the shoulder, pulled Lan Linger, dodged, and came to the inside of the Samsung Cave. Disciple Hailong, pay your respects to Shizu. The sea dragon bowed down to the Bodhi Patriarch sitting cross-legged. When the Bodhi Patriarch saw the sea dragon, he was not excited at all. His face changed slightly and he said with a deep sigh, "What should come always comes.". Kid, you get up. What Yunyang did this time, Shizu really has no face to see you! I don't want to say anything more. Now he's locked up in the stone prison under the Samsung Cave. It's up to you what you want to do with him. As he spoke,automated warehouse systems, he gently waved the Buddha dust in his hand, and with a flash of light, a cave suddenly appeared on the ground. A long step went down, and it was so dark inside that it was impossible to see how deep it was. "Shizu," said Hailong, "you've misunderstood me. I didn't come here for Shibo Yunyang. Shibo was forced at the beginning, so don't blame him. Everything is the plot of the immortal emperor. The Bodhi Patriarch looked at the peaceful eyes of the sea dragon and frowned slightly, saying, "Yunyang set you up to save Linger,push back racking system, regardless of my righteousness. Do you still speak for him?"? My child, a mistake is a mistake. Neither I nor your uncle himself will deny the mistakes he has made. The sea dragon shook his head and said with a smile, "Shizu, don't think too much.". Things have passed, now Yunyang Shibo and Linger Shijie finally came back safely, and I have nothing to do, forget it. What's more, at the beginning, Shibo had the grace of passing on art to me. At most, the merits and demerits were balanced. The Bodhi Patriarch sighed and said, "My child, you are too generous.". Actually, this matter also blames me, is we too spoil the spirit son this child. Yunyang has always regarded Linger as more important than his own life. Although he came back alive this time, even if I don't care about him, he can't bear the blame of his conscience. Go to see your uncle Yunyang. No matter how you deal with it, teardrop pallet racking ,asrs warehouse, I have no opinion. Who doesn't love their children? Seeing that the sea dragon forgave Yunyang so generously, the Bodhi Patriarch's heart, which had been hanging in vain, was finally relieved, and his heart was filled with gratitude to the sea dragon. Lan Linger was the first to run down, followed by the sea dragon. Lan Linger waved her right hand, and suddenly a group of light flew out and followed her above her head, illuminating the surrounding scenery. It seemed to be a tunnel. The stone steps were very steep and extended all the way down. As he walked forward, Lan Linger said, "Hailong, the stone prison of Fangcun Mountain is deep in the mountain. There are many severe prohibitions around it. Only the place where Grandpa practices is the only exit. It is used for our disciples to face the wall and think about it." The sea dragon looked at the blue spirit son who looked a little more excited, and his heart suddenly became unusually calm. He thought a lot, hatred really must go to revenge? If everyone has a tolerant heart, there will be no hatred. Hundreds of meters away, a wide stone chamber appeared in front of them. In the deepest part of the stone chamber, Yunyang sat cross-legged. His face was calm, as if he were in retreat. But on the ground around his body, there was a circle about an inch deep, and the circle was just enough to accommodate Yunyang. Feeling the fluctuation of the breath, Yunyang slowly opened his eyes, and when he saw the sea dragon and the blue spirit, his eyes were calm and did not reveal a trace of surprise. Uncle Yunyang. The sea dragon saluted respectfully. Yunyang smiled and said, "You're here." Hailong nodded and said, "Shibo, we've come to take you out this time." Yunyang shook his head and said, "No, I won't go out." "Why?"? Dad, the sea dragon doesn't blame you at all. Come out with us. Lan Linger said eagerly. "Silly boy," said Yunyang with a smile, "in fact, I already knew that the sea dragon would not blame me. Otherwise, he would not be a sea dragon. Hailongzhai has a kind heart. How can he care about anything with me? I came here on my own initiative to ask my father. Even if the sea dragon doesn't blame me, I can't forgive myself. Lan Linger sobbed and said, "Dad, it's all because of me. If you don't go out, I'll stay here with you.". It's all my fault, it's all my fault. It's enough for you to realize your mistakes. You can go. I think the sea dragon will not come for my sake, he must have a lot of other things to do. Hailong, don't persuade me any more. There is no harm for me here. I swore that I would never leave the circle on the ground easily. The sea dragon is startled in the heart, draw the ground for the prison? "Why do you bother, Shibo?" He asked. Yunyang sighed, "This is what I have to bear, for me, this is the lightest punishment.". Here, for me, it is no different from seclusion, but I can bear the condemnation from my heart alone. In fact, I never thought I could come back alive. Hailong, remember that Shibo's life is yours no matter when in the future. In fact, I did not want to live in the world, but I am really weak, reluctant to part with Linger and her mother,medium duty racking, so I can only use this method to restrain myself. You can rest assured that when the army of the underworld arrives, I will go to fight with my own useful body. Now, there's no need to say anything more. Go up. 。


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