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Mynbest is a collaborative Platform. We help young and coming entrepreneurs plan their funding needs with creative (non-)financial strategies in combination with smart marketing, innovative organization and the combination of a variety of resources. We bundle the resources of the many in support of entrepreneurship and to advance good projects. We funnel the entrepreneurs to the right resources, and service-providers and collaborators to the right entrepreneurs/projects.

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Getting to know you


Crowdbundling is the bundling of all needed resources to advance a project. It takes into account not just the financial (funding) needs, but is looking more in detail where the funding is needed for, which services or products, and how you could get those directly, without the need to source the funding to acquire it.

Quote of the Day

"To built a strong team you need to add someone's strength as a complement to your weakness"


Crowdfunneling is to connect entrepreneurs looking for resources to advance a project to the right collaborators. It directs the entrepreneurs with potential investors, collaborators and contacts to fulfill the need for additional resources. It is the next, logical step after Crowdbundling (what is it that you really need) to bring together what is needed and who can can offer that to the projects. 


Mynbest has evolved over the years from a Compensation (Reward) & Equity Crowdfunding site to a more general Creative Collaboration Platform, where small businesses and start-ups can consult how to plan their funding needs, consider their options how to obtain the financial and non-financial help and how to get the services/goods for which the funding is being sought.

We do not make recommendations, or sell stocks or any other form of financing. We apply creative thinking to combine financial and non-financial resources for funding issues through smart marketing and innovative organization. 

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